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Want to know if you can also use the card abroad or learn how to add funds to the card? We have answered the most frequently asked questions relating to the Commission Payment Card. Unable to find your question? Our service team is on hand to help.


What is the Wirecard Commission Payment Card?

The Commission Payment Card from Wirecard is a new, secure way for companies to pay commission by prepaid credit card in real time. Individual amounts are loaded to prepaid credit cards through a central portal. Card holders can access their credit at all Mastercard acceptance points. The themes of the card and portal can be tied to your corporate branding.

What benefits does the card offer your employees?

The Commission Payment Card is a prepaid Mastercard which can be used to make payments quickly and conveniently wherever Mastercard is accepted.

How it works

How do my employees receive their card PINs?

Your employees obtain individual access to the account management portal. They can view their card PINs there at any time. If you decided against the use of the account management portal when concluding the contract, your employees will receive their card PINs by post.

Can I view the transactions for the individual cards?

As the card balance is the property of your employees, you cannot view the transactions. Only your employees can view the transactions through their individual access to the account management portal.

Can the card also be used abroad?

Yes, the card can also be used abroad. The Commission Payment Card is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide – wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Can I also lock or terminate the Commission Payment Card?

The cards can be locked or terminated via the service team, if necessary. The cards are generally also terminated within the agreed period in the event that an employee leaves the company.

Top up

How do I add funds to the Commission Payment Card?

You can add funds to the cards either via the Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal or the APIs. Please note that you can only add funds to the cards if your Wirecard Bank business account possesses the sufficient balance.

Can I return the card balance to my account?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. The balance is the property of the individual employee, so it is not possible to reverse funds. Please contact our service team in the case of an accounting error.

How often can I add funds to the cards?

Once the card has been activated, it can be topped up as many times as you wish.

What amounts can I add to the Commission Payment Card?

The limits are specified in your contact documents.

Can the balance on the card expire?

The balance on the Commission Payment Card cannot expire. When the card expires, the employee will receive a replacement card. The balance will be automatically transferred to this new card. Once the account has been terminated, the remaining balance can be transferred to a bank account.


How do I manage Commission Payment Cards?

You can conveniently manage the cards online either via the Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal or the APIs.

Can I limit the rights of administrators to specific tasks?

Yes, you can. You can choose between different administrator roles with different types of rights. Once you appoint a new administrator for the cards, one of the specified administrator roles will be assigned to them.

How do I define and set up administrators?

Depending on the role they are assigned, administrators have various different rights. Each person with administrative rights should therefore first be designated by name and their identity verified by means of an authentication process. The administrative rights are then granted, this means a predefined role is assigned to the administrator. The administrator then receives their individual access details from Wirecard.